A little bit about me

I'm a front end developer, musician, and curious. I'm currently creating little things to help digital content creators make your dreams come true at @Hotmart

Spending my time creating things that can be useful to other people is what motivates me. You can find more about what I've been doing here.

Work Experience

may 2020 - jul 2020

out 2020 - apr 2022

may 2022 - current

Dev Stack

React JS




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Picture of the author
Picture of the author

My code Snippets

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Chrome default color picker snippet

function copy(value) {
     await window.navigator.clipboard.writeText(value)), 3000);
    console.log("Color: " + value);

window.colorPicker = () => new EyeDropper().open().then((color)=> copy(color.sRGBHex))

// create color picker snippet
// press f12 and ctrl + o 
// !color-picker
// click in document and press tab before 3s

Make dynamic css classes

function cssHandles(...arguments) {
   return arguments.reduce((acc, cur) => {
     if (typeof cur === 'string') return acc + ` ${cur}`;
     if (typeof cur === 'object') {
        return Object.keys(cur).map((key) => {
            if(cur[key]) return acc + ` ${key}`
            return acc
   }, '')

cssHandles({ 'button--active': true, 'button--disabled': false, 'primary': true }, { 'is--open': false })
> 'button--active primary'

Show package json infos by terminal

alias pkg="cat package.json"
alias head-pkg="head package.json"
alias tail-pkg="tail package.json"
alias pkg-scripts="pkg | jq .scripts"
alias hgrep="history | grep "